5 Ways to Improve Work Performance by Doubling Your Productivity

Here at CommandHound, we have noticed that workplace performance can be linked directly back to two main factors: accountability and productivity.

Although everyone realizes how important these two things are, people still struggle with both of these on a daily basis at work, leading to a lack of accountability and productivity. So how can you make sure that you stay on top of your performance by keeping accountability and productivity central to what you do?
team working on ways to improve work performance Teams work best when tracking accountability and productivity.

The 5 Essential Ways

By learning just 5 central ways to improve work performance, you will be able to effectively take on any challenge that comes your way. But it is only by implementing a system that monitors and tracks your productivity and keeps you accountable for your work, that you will be able to improve your performance over time:

  1. Manage Your Time
  2. Say No
  3. Ask for Help and Feedback
  4. Be Professional
  5. Take Initiative

We’ll go through these 5 ways to improve work performance, and simultaneously discuss systems that will help you develop and track these skills at work. 

1. Manage Your Time

Always keep productivity in mind, so use to-do lists to track your tasks and avoid multitasking to make sure things get done. Hold yourself accountable for these action items by using software like CommandHound to make sure you and your team know what needs to be done, by when.  Software like CommandHound will track everybody’s progress against expectations including things like reminders, escalation paths, and dashboards to let everybody know when things are falling behind.
For more in-depth information about how to develop time management skills and to drive accountability at your workplace, read the Ultimate Guide to Productivity in the Workplace.
the ultimate guide to productivity in the workplaceThe Ultimate Guide to Productivity in the Workplace

2. Say No

If too many people are demanding your time and attention, it becomes essential to know how to say no to incoming requests.
Systems like CommandHound make it easy to keep track of people’s workloads and performance to better allocate work loads and to avoid anybody feeling forced to take on more than they can handle. 

3. Ask for Help and Feedback

When you find yourself falling behind or having trouble keeping up with your action items or tasks, it can be crucial to know how to ask for help. Make sure that your managers and coworkers know when you have too much on your plate, so that they can work with you to develop a solution.
If your team uses CommandHound, your teammates will be able to easily see how many tasks are on your list and redistribute them accordingly if necessary. CommandHound also makes it easy for managers to track performance and provide productive feedback, allowing you to constantly learn and improve based on real data.
feedback to prevent a lack of accountability
Teams can hold each other accountable with regular feedback and support.

4. Be Professional

This skill goes hand-in-hand with asking for help and feedback. It can seem so easy sometimes to unload all of our stress on our coworkers, but it is important to remember that they are coworkers and not therapists.
Maintain a sense of professionalism in the face of stress to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and to remain a productive member on the team at all times. Remember that a healthy system of accountability will keep you and your coworkers focused through difficult periods.
Want to learn more about developing a system of accountability in the workplace? Read our Ultimate Guide to Accountability in the Workplace.

5. Take Initiative

This final skill is one of the most important on this list. Being noticed in the workplace requires going above and beyond what is required of you and taking initiative on new tasks and duties. Systems like CommandHound track every team members on-time performance against expected deadlines.  Your team will now be able to appreciate your hard work as you take on new tasks and initiate new projects.
Asking for regular feedback also requires initiative.  It will show that you are invested in your performance and productivity and willing to hold yourself accountable for your tasks.


All 5 of these ways to improve work performance are easy to develop, and systems like CommandHound make it easier to keep them top-of-mind on a daily basis.
By inserting your to-do’s and your team’s to-do’s into CommandHound, you are not only ensuring that everyone will stay on top of their duties, but also that the team will hold each individual accountable for their own productivity.
Want to learn more about how to use CommandHound to develop these essential workplace skills? Request a demo today!

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