Stop Wasting Management Time

Executives, decision makers, and management in general have a finite amount of “Management Attention Units” (MAUs).  So, what are MAUs anyway?  We use this general term to refer to time used by management to carry out core supervisory duties.  Management’s time – a very valuable and finite commodity.

management time savingsToday’s disjointed productivity tools are not doing the job

MAUs Are Like Gold

What if there was a way to get half of your management and supervisory time back? Your management team could now spend more time doing things like:

  • Focusing on more strategic and valuable activities
  • Thinking about better ways to compete
  • Developing strategies to increase revenue
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing risk by simply improving compliance across the board

How much would that be worth? Half of your executive team’s time freed up!

Today’s Tricks Are All Over

Today, we rely on a number of disjointed “tricks” and “tools” to try to bring order to the chaos in today’s fast paced business environment.  We rely on things like:

  • Keeping paper or electronic to do lists
  • Recording meetings, tasks, and reminders in our calendars
  • Writing one off notes everywhere

This Is Not Enough

If our ultimate goal is to make sure things are getting done and that things are not falling through the cracks, all of today’s tricks and tools require constant checking and rechecking, eating away at MAUs.  All this adds up.  And, when you add the time your executive team spends dealing with the fallout when things do not get done, the cost to the organization is huge.

So, What Is The Answer?

CommandHound DashboardCommandHound has been designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of getting MAUs back.  Lots of MAUs.  CommandHound uses accountability to get this done.  Once you delegate something to CommandHound, it is off your plate and off your mind.  
CommandHound will manage relentlessly from that point forward:

  • Sending reminders
  • Preparing dashboards
  • Escalating things
  • Communicating status

And, more importantly, keeping score at the individual and team levels to create a constant improvement-and-accountability cycle. This cycle in turn immediately impacts operations, quality, and revenues.  

The ultimate “virtuous cycle”!

So, what will you have your management team invest all that new found time and attention on?

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