Get “Management Attention Units” Back

What is a “Management Attention Unit” (MAU) anyway?  We use this general term to refer to time used by management to carry out core supervisory duties.  Management’s time – a very valuable and finite commodity.

What if there was a way to get half of that time back? Executives could now spend more time focused on more strategic and valuable activities.

How much would that be worth? Little things like keeping and constantly checking to do lists, making sure things are getting done, ensuring things do not fall through the cracks, reminding people of things, re-checking that things actually got done, etc. … and then dealing with the fallout of actually forgetting something, including the impact on customer satisfaction, risks, added costs, and, ultimately, lost revenue.

Well, CPC has been designed from the ground up for that purpose – to get MAU’s back.  Once you delegate something to CPC, it is off your plate.  CPC will manage relentlessly from that point forward – sending reminders, preparing dashboards, escalating things, communicate status, and, more importantly, keeping score so a constant improvement-and-accountability cycle is created … which in turn improves operations, quality, and revenues.  The ultimate “virtuous cycle”!

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