The One Thing You Need to Do to Cut Costs and Increase Revenue!

You might think your company runs like a well-oiled machine. Your teams deal with problems as they come up and can always finish projects roughly on time.  So, what else could you do?

increase revenue by reducing errors.jpegUse Your Big-Picture Perspective to Remove Obstacles from Employees’ Paths
Perhaps it’s time to consider that your position as a manager might make your perspective a little skewed. Even though your company probably runs efficiently in many areas, your position overlooking the big picture might not give you the best insight into how things actually function.

Trees or Forest?

A recent study found that people in the C-Suite are 12% more likely than other employees to say that their companies operate with top efficiency. They are also 11% more likely to give their company an “Excellent” rating for operations. These findings indicate that managers and executives might be blind to improvements that other employees notice all the time.
So how do you use this big-picture perspective to your company’s advantage while also making sure that other employees’ concerns are addressed? Start by making this one simple change to help you cut costs, increase revenue, and boost your visibility into company processes.

Eliminate Errors

There is one simple big-picture change you can make to company culture that will cut costs by saving resources and employee time. The change involves this: eliminate unnecessary work by reducing errors and redos.
No matter how well your company runs, your employees doubtless spend significant amounts of time each week addressing unforeseen problems, redoing errors, and figuring out how to put delayed projects back on track. If the need for this was eliminated and employees across the board did not have to spend time on these issues, your company would save countless billable hours and resources.
But how do you do this?

How? Increase Quality, Consistency, and Accountability

It is tempting to decrease errors by micromanaging your employees. You might think, “People keep making mistakes and it is costing me money! The only person I can trust to monitor these errors is myself, so I have to watch everyone and monitor every project!” But this is simply not the case.
As management, your time and brainpower is worth too much to your company to spend your hours on simply tracking tasks. You should be spending your time on strategic initiatives and big-picture problems. So leave the micromanaging and monitoring to someone (or something) else.
cut costs by controlling errors.jpegStop Micromanaging and Let Accountability Software Reduce Company Errors
A simple project management or task management software is not going to solve your problems. What you need is a task management system that relentlessly tracks, follows up, escalates and monitors tasks and initiatives so that you only have to worry when a project actually needs your attention.  The goal is to manage by exception by not only ensuring that things are getting done according to standard but also, that nothing is falling through the cracks.
A task management and accountability platform like CommandHound will help not only accomplish these objectives (i.e., consistency, quality, and accountability) but also drive a cultural transformation that eliminates errors whenever and wherever found.

The Software Solution

The CommandHound platform, a “checklist on steroids,” tasks and projects are tracked at the individual and team levels. As long as everything goes according to plan, no management attention is needed. If, however, a project falls behind or an employee forgets a crucial task, management is notified immediately so that necessary steps can be taken before valuable time and resources are used to get everything back on track. Eliminating errors in this way will increase quality and consistency across the board so more gets done.
With CommandHound, hold everyone accountable with relentless enforcement and monitoring of processes, and individual performance metrics. Learn more about how eliminating errors can cut costs, increase revenue, and keep your projects on track.

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