The One Factor You Need to Build a Culture of Accountability

Here at CommandHound, we consider ourselves experts in accountability.  As a software company that specializes in making sure things get done, …

clarity is important for a culture of accountability
This One Factor Will Change Everything About Your Team
… we have worked with countless clients to understand how accountability is crucial to business success.
Time and time again, the same one factor has popped up for clients who are struggling with accountability issues. Once they identify this missing link, they are able to begin building the culture of accountability that they are looking for.  Read on to learn what the missing link is, and how to use it to reach deadlines, promote a healthy company culture, and collect performance metrics for continuous improvement. 

The One Important Factor

That single crucial feature that is necessary to build a culture of accountability? Clarity.
The Harvard Business Review recently listed five types of professional clarity necessary for instilling accountability in a company or on a team. Here they are:

1. Clear expectations

Be very clear from the beginning about what success looks like, how it is measured, and what steps need to be taken to get there. Syncing up expectations at the beginning of a project can save a lot of headaches down the line.

2. Clear capability

Make sure that tasks are assigned to people who are capable of completing them. If someone doesn’t have the skills necessary, be clear about how they need to develop those skills or delegate.

3. Clear measurement

It is important to measure key metrics for the entire duration of a project. Only checking those metrics once a project is completed is not an option, as it leaves open the possibility of unpleasant surprises if goals are not met.

4. Clear feedback

Once you have set realistic goals and communicated how they will be measured, clear feedback becomes the next logical step. Team members appreciate when their successes are noticed and their challenges are addressed.

5. Clear consequences

When setting expectations early on, it is important to communicate what consequences will result if individuals do not accomplish their tasks or manage their own projects. This way, everyone knows that their work is fairly measured and they will be held accountable for failures.
Once you have these 5 factors in line, your team will have all the tools necessary to feel individually accountable for their work as a group. Clarity about all aspects of individual and team projects promotes productive communication, achievable goals, and successful deadlines.
teamwork is easier when things are clearUse Clarity and Accountability to Change Your Company Culture For the Better

How to Actually Build Clarity and Accountability

You might read this and still feel lost, because you know that these 5 factors can change your company for the better, but you do not know how to actually build the systems that support these changes. But don’t worry! This is exactly where CommandHound can step in and help.
How does CommandHound make clarity, communication, and accountability possible?

  1. When inputting tasks into CommandHound’s simple system, your team will be required to communicate clearly about necessary steps and goals.
  2. Tasks will then be clearly assigned to individuals who can handle them.
  3. CommandHound’s unique system keeps track of tasks and their deadlines, escalating to managers when projects or tasks fall behind.
  4. CommandHound’s unique ability to track performance against expectations at the individual level means that clear measurement is always possible, and communication about successes and failures will never come as a surprise.

Keeping clarity central to your team is crucial to enable a culture of accountability that helps businesses succeed. Learn more about CommandHound’s award-winning solution to build clarity on your team today:

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