The International Esperanza Project Drives Accountability

The mission of the International Esperanza Project (IEP) is to inspire hope in people in developing countries through healthcare and community development projects. They have selected CommandHound to provide the task management and accountability support they need to maximize their resources.

Guatemala international esperanze projectIEP Uses CommandHound to Coordinate All Their Healthcare and Community Development Projects in Guatemala
Throughout the year, IEP organizes medical teams that visit Guatemala on a regular basis to conduct surgeries, clinics, and health care in general. These teams have around 100 members between doctors, nurses, pharmacists, logistics, and support. The logistics coordination of getting teams of this size organized on time, with flights, passports, visas, permits, licenses, equipment, and medications is a complex undertaking.

The Challenge

IEP selected CommandHound to manage this logistical challenge to make sure things get done. IEP uses CommandHound for things like:

  • Ensuring that all volunteers are onboarded properly and consistently
  • Ensuring that all the pre-trip planning activites are executed and on time, every time
  • Ensuring that all donor events are planned and executed to maximize returns
  • Ensuring that all financial and regulatory compliance activities are executed on time, as expected.
  • Coordinating activities between headquarters in the USA and their full-time coordination team in the field in Guatemala
  • Driving accountability at all levels to drive better execution

The Solution

With staff in 2 countries, medical personnel around the country, and medical care recipients dispersed throughout remote areas of Guatemala, the challenge centered around bringing the whole operation together in a coordinated way.
CommandHound’s dashboard, inbox, and ability to track and report what is going on provides the required functionality to IEP to make sure things get done.

1. The Dashboard

CommandHound’s is able to define and track cross-functional processes which allows IEP to seamlessly bring things together. CommandHound allows headquarters to monitor progress at the milestone level, and allows team leaders and operations officers in both countries to monitor detailed execution of their different plans.  All of this to quickly identify areas that need help or additional management attention to ensure things keep moving forward.
CommandHound Dashboard
CommandHound’s Dashboard Highlights What Needs Management’s Attention

2. The Inbox

CommandHound’s Inbox provides each IEP team member on a daily basis a list of what has been assigned to each of them that is due for completion.  The Calendar function allows each team member to look-ahead and see what is coming down their pipeline to make sure they are prepared and able to complete things on time. 
CommandHound Control Points
CommandHound Shows What Needs To Be Done Every Day To Each Team Member 

3. The Intelligence

CommandHound’s Intelligence module records completion performance by person, by team and by process to allow IEP to better understand where the bottlenecks are and to continuously improve operations.
Track Performance to Make Sure Things Get Done.png
CommandHound Tracks Performance to Identify Bottlenecks and Potential Opportunities

The Results

At the end of the day, IEP expects to be able to run and organize 25-40% more trips every year with the same support staff.  Being able to run things consistently and efficiently while ensuring that things are not falling through the cracks is invaluable as IEP pursues its mission.
Would you like to learn more about how CommandHound enables accountability in the workplace to drive performance?


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