Increase Customer Satisfaction by 25% in 30 Days by Boosting Accountability with CommandHound

How can an accountability tool like CommandHound increase customer satisfaction so dramatically in such a short period of time? As always, it boils down to doing what you say you are going to do. Consistently, every time.

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Customer Satisfaction Significantly Improves With a Culture of Accountability For Success
Customer satisfaction is the holy grail of any business because of its direct impact on both the top and the bottom of the funnel. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty which in turn translates into more business, more referrals, fewer issues, and lower overall costs.
CommandHound is a software platform that was designed and built from the ground up to drive accountability in the workplace to make sure things get done, consistently, on time, every time. The impact of being able to deliver near-perfect results every time we interact with a customer is invaluable in its potential effect everywhere in the business.

Every Customer Touchpoint Matters

In high customer interaction businesses like logistics, retail, professional services, hospitality, or telecommunications, the imperative to deliver consistent, accurate, and timely products and services is even more critical.
Being able to do things like communicating and executing on things like date commitments for pick-up, transit routes, exchange points, delays, delivery status, or costs for hundreds or thousands of simultaneous transactions presents a real customer satisfaction challenge.
So, how do we instill a sense of pride, responsibility, ownership, and, ultimately, accountability to the entire customer facing workforce?

Drive Accountability In The Workplace

CommandHound works around 2 simple concepts to drive accountability in the workplace: Control Towers and Control Points:

  • Control Towers are collections of Control Points related to a process or event that needs to be managed as a whole, from beginning to end.
  • Control Points are tasks that are managed through assignments, reminders, and escalation events to make sure they get done on time as expected.

For example, a logistics company may define Control Towers for:

  • Shipment Initiation
  • Quote and Confirmation
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Delivery
  • Completion and Post Mortem.

Each of these Control Towers will have many Control Points or milestones within them with specific due dates, reminders, responsibilities, escalation triggers and dates, notes and comments with the sole aim of providing a consistent and timely execution for every new shipping event.

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CommandHound’s dashboard shows the status of every Control Tower at a glance. Timely action can then be taken on Control Towers and the Control Points that have reached a non-green status level to make sure customer satisfaction goals are met.
The People Connection
So, where is your company in terms of accountability? If we agree that driving a culture of accountability in the workplace will directly increase customer satisfaction, how do we make it happen?
CommandHound individual accountability tracking
CommandHound’s unique performance tracking feature connects each individual’s actual performance on all customer related tasks to the company’s performance review/reward system.

Next Steps

Would you like to learn more about how CommandHound can help you increase customer satisfaction by 25% in 30 days?


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