How to Change the Rules of the Game to Make Sure Things Get Done

It seems like the tech industry and startups are always bragging about their ability to “disrupt” established industries.

Every new app claims to be poised to totally change the game, and many jokes have been made about this jargon of complete change (see the comic below).

Need Accountability to Disrupt

While these jokes are intended to poke fun, they point to a larger concern. Although not all startups are able to do this, some are actually changing the way that established industries work. Take, for example, how Uber and Lyft have essentially killed the taxi industry.
With so many new companies “disrupting” traditional industries, everyone is wondering how more established, less tech-oriented companies will keep up. The one way to make sure that your company survives all of this disruption is to change the rules of the game in your favor, and make sure that you are always on the cutting edge.

How to Stay on Top

Instead of trying to play catch-up to the companies that claim to be on the forefront, go on the offense. Make sure that your company is doing these 3 ways to improve work performance to make sure things get done:

1. Invest in people who value progress and innovation, and get them to devote their attention to disrupting your company’s established processes and models.

As Strategy+Business recently published, iconoclasts are crucial to company transformations:
“Some people are naturally good at creating friction — they’re agitators, instigators, disruptors, and downright bothersome. Although they may not always be welcomed in many organizational cultures, they play a vital role when competitive landscapes shift. They’re the people who ask tomorrow’s questions, which tend to not to have answers.”
These people are crucial in making sure that your company stays ahead of any new trends. They will push you to make uncomfortable changes that could prove to be essential in the long run.
make sure things get done with iconoclastic progressIconoclasts Make Sure Things Get Done

2. Make sure that leadership is projecting clarity and vision, showing that the company is always facing forward and focusing on innovation.

We have written before about the importance of clarity in any organization, but it is especially essential during times of change. Leadership must clearly express what the organization is changing, why the change is essential, and what it is intended to accomplish. This is the only way that the company as a whole will be united behind one vision.

3. Instill a sense of accountability throughout the entire organization so that these vision changes actually go into effect.

When the company’s iconoclasts push for change and leadership clearly communicates it to the team, the next necessary step is to make sure that these ways to improve work performance are implemented by ensuring that everyone at the company holds themselves accountable for implementing that change.
accountability is one of the ways to improve work performance
Use Accountability to Actually Implement Company-Wide Change
Using a software platform like CommandHound, which drives accountability by not only tracking projects, tasks, and deadlines, but also by  escalating, reminding and tracking completion at the individual level to ensure that accountability remains central. Once everyone can be trusted to complete their tasks on time, the company can focus on the big picture of organizational change.
These three changes will make sure that your company is able to change the rules of the game and always emphasize innovation. Learn more about how accountability is key to making your company an industry leader and how CommandHound can help you by requesting a CommandHound demo today:

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