Still Missing Project Deadlines? Here’s the Fix.

Staying on top of project deadlines is crucial for project management success
You’ve done it all. You’ve optimized your workflow with Gantt charts. Your team is trained and geared up for Agile development.
Tasks are assigned, you’ve run the numbers, and you’ve projected an ROI that has the board eager to sign off.

So what could go wrong?
A study conducted by the Project Management Institute reported that for every $1 billion invested in the United States, $122 million was wasted due to lacking project performance.
A one day delay for your first development iteration can easily become 10 days, leading to higher than projected costs and a less than stellar ROI.
With today’s levels of production efficiency, keeping track of deadlines is more crucial than ever to stay on top of competitors.

The Fix

Here are 3 ways to meet those project deadlines:

Enforcing ruthless time management to stay on top of deadlines will boost ROI on any project

These 3 management tools will help you meet your deadlines

1) Optimize Project Forecasting at the Process Level

Using past data can help you create detailed forecasts for individual processes within each developmental cycle.
There’s nothing worse than realizing you have an unexpected bottleneck, and having to burn overtime money just to get rid of the bottleneck so you can continue development.
Forecasting at the process level can greatly reduce the chances of going over budget and can ensure you meet your project KPIs. 

2) Create a Culture of Open Team Communication

By enforcing open channels of communication across departments, not only do you ensure that problems are discovered quickly, but you can also get more perspectives on the best solution to each problem.

This is where you can make better use of Agile development. With a daily Scrum meeting, you can ensure consistent flows of communication between all team members to make sure task dependencies are accounted for on a regulatr basis. 

3) Focus on Employee Accountability

Holding team members accountable is the backbone of any project management solution, regardless of which industry.
By holding employees accountable for individual processes, you can better stay on top of your project deadlines, and reduce the amount of time taken to follow up on delegated processes.
Using an accountability tool will help you stay on top of business processes and hold each team member responsible for the on time execution of each process.
Learn more by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Accountability in the Workplace here:


The Ultimate Accountability Tool

CommandHound is an employee accountability tool built from the ground up to help drive project management performance
CommandHound is a tool that has been designed from the ground up to help PMs and PMOs use accountability to make sure things get done and stay on top of deadlines. 
CommandHound accomplishes this by clearly communicating concrete expectations and, more importantly, by tracking individuals performance against these expectations.
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