Do You Have What It Takes to Consolidate All Your To Do Lists Into One?

Most people nowadays use a number of disparate applications and methods to store all of their action items, projects, and tasks.  Why is it so hard to consolidate that mess into a common approach that tracks and reminds us of what needs to get done in one place? Here is a way out.

We use a Google Calendar for reminders of all sorts, we use Evernote for miscellaneous notes and rough to-do lists, we use Wunderlist for tracking our personal action items, we use paper notepads and little yellow post-it for whatever else comes to mind while on the go.  All of this “organization” still leaves us with a sense of dread that we are going to forget something important. 
Action Items Reminders Everywhere.jpegKeeping Multiple Reminder Lists, To Do Lists, Project Tasks In Multiple Places Hinders Productivity

Human Nature

At the end of the day, as usual, it all boils down to human nature and our reluctance to change.  Changing small things is hard enough. Changing habits as a whole is virtually impossible.  However, every time we decide to make the investment in time and effort to solve messes like this, we are often surprised at the results.  We usually end up asking ourselves, “How did I not notice this before?”


We continue to do things the old way because of inertia and/or laziness. So what if there is a better way?  It requires learning, eliminating old ways of doing things, and making mistakes until the new way is institutionlized.  But then, all of a sudden, we see the light at the end of the tunnel … and when we come out the other side, we often are ecstatic with the results.

Change Is Hard

Failure to see better ways
Doing Things The Old Way Is Always Easier – Change Requires Effort

We often prefer to do things the old way because Change is Hard.
CommandHound makes it easy, by consolidating all your action items, projects, reminders, and to dos in one place and eliminating the need to keep all this information in 10 different places.
The efficiencies that are derived from knowing that everything we need to do for both personal and business tasks is in one place are huge. The peace that comes from knowing that nothing is falling through the cracks is also priceless.
CommandHound Centralizes Action Items and RemindersCommandHound Centralizes Action Items, Reminders, To Dos, Tasks in One Place
For business-related tasks and deadlines, CommandHound takes this even a step further. It provides an escalation engine and a way to track task completion performance at the individual or team levels to be able to drive a culture of accountability to make sure things really get done as expected.
Give it a try. Decluter your email inbox, your calendar, your desk, your notepads, your refrigerator, your wallet and put it all in one integrated place. Learn to manage by exception. Gain 50% of your day back so you can use it for more productive, strategic, or fun things.
Give us a call and we can show how CommandHound may change your life.


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