Ralph Muse

Advisory Board

Ralph Muse

Mr. Ralph Muse is currently the CEO of Muse Consulting, a consulting company that Mr. Muse founded in 1993, in addition Mr. Muse is a Venture Partner at Sumo Ventures. Previously Mr. Muse was President of AutoSeis Inc., a Global Geophysical Company. Prior to joining Global, Mr. Muse was CEO and co-Founder of RDSeismic, a manufacture of seismic equipment for oil and gas exploration. RDSeismic’s assets were purchased by Global Geophysical Services in 2010.

Before founding RDSeismic, Mr. Muse was Senior VP of the Land Imaging Systems Division at Input Output.  Mr. Muse also founded Muse Consulting to provide interim management, turnaround management, and consulting services to high tech and manufacturing companies throughout North America.  Mr. Muse is also a former Principal Consultant with Booz•Allen and Hamilton.

Mr. Muse has extensive technology management experience, expertise in general management, manufacturing, and multinational sales / marketing, and operations. He has an extensive background in wireless data, networking, systems, electronics, energy, process controls, and consulting, with industry leaders including GE, ABB, Exxon, du Pont, and Booz•Allen. In addition Mr. Muse has served as the CEO, COO, or GM of three high tech venture backed startup companies and as CEO of three public companies.

Muse holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Christian Brothers University, and a MS in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas.