Try Management by Exception and Enjoy Life

Investing in the definition, implementation, and monitoring of critical policies and procedures, when combined with the right amounts of empowerment and accountability, should allow you to step back and only intervene when exceptions happen.

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Management by Exception Frees Time For More Strategic Endeavors

What Is It?

Management-by-exception, or MBE, is a style of management that empowers personnel at different levels of an organization to manage and make decisions in their sphere of influence within a well defined set of norms and expectations. Only when events deviate from the established norms is management then required to intervene and assist.

How Do We Know?

Business intelligence software is a class of business software and a type of business activity used to identify and communicate exceptions from the norm when they occur.  Business intellgence software usually taps into other systems and areas of the business to collect, analyze, and report through things like dashboards that summarize at a glance the status of things.

Key Components

Management by exception requires three critical components to function well:

1) Empowerment

Without the ability to push decision-making capabilities to the people actually doing the work, management by exception would not work well. Management would be swamped by constant calls to intervene to handle potentially simple or non-critical decisions that could have been addressed without their intervention. 

2) Accountability

Without a culture of accountability in the workplace to drive people at all levels to make sure things get done, on time, as expected, management by exception would also not be possible. Too many exceptions occurring by things falling through the craks and not getting done require that management be constantly engaged resolving all these issues. This is not ideal or productive.

3) Monitoring and Reporting

A third critical component is a monitoring and reporting system to flag exceptions requiring management’s attention in a timely manner.
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CommandHound’s Powerful Dashboard Allows Checking on Things Across the Business at a Glance

Software Support

Task management and accountability software like CommandHound can help communicate, assign, monitor, escalate, and hold individuals accountable for the completion of critical business processes. CommandHound has the ability to escalate tasks or critical milestones if defined trigger dates are passed.
Furthermore, CommandHound drives accountability by tracking each individual’s ability to complete assigned tasks on time to identify bottlenecks, issues, or where additional help is required.

A Day In The Life

Imagine that you have defined and rolled-out all critical policies and processes in your business. You have assigned responsibilities, due dates, and escalation triggers for all the tasks within those processes, and you have communicated to the entire team what needs to be done by when.
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Enjoy Life Knowing Your Attention Will Only Be Required For Exceptions
Now, you can sit back and move your attention away from the day-to-day operations of the business into more strategic endeavors. Imagine starting your day by glancing at a dashboard like CommandHound’s and seeing that all is progressing according to plan because all you can see is a green status on every process.
Imagine then checking your inbox to see if there are any exceptions that need to be managed. Once these exceptions are taken care of, move on to more productive endeavors knowing that everything is moving according to plan.

Make It Happen!

Would you like to know how CommandHound can help you implement management by exception in your business? Would you like to see how CommandHound’s task management, empowerment, and accountability features makes a transition like this possible?


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