Do You Perform Better When Being Watched?

Holding people accountable in the workplace requires a full closed feedback loop to be really effective. If we are able to track actual results as people complete their assigned tasks, do you think they will be more inclined to make sure things get done?

Tracking Improves Job Performance.jpegTracking Individuals and Teams Execution Improves Business Performance

The Missing Link

Most task and project management tools out there are very good at assigning and organizing tasks. However, they fail to track whether those tasks are completed on time, as expected.
How do we know if deadlines are reasonable if we do not even know that they are often been missed? How do we reward people that do what they say they are going to do if we do not even know who they are? How do we identify process bottlenecks or issues if we do not keep track of actual completion performance?

Closing the Loop

It is true.  It has been proven that people perform better when they know they are being observed. Knowing that a job well done will be properly recognized and rewarded is a powerful incentive.
Using a tool like CommandHound, which has been built from the ground up to close the accountability loop, can help any business improve performance significantly.
CommandHound drives accountability in the workplace by being able to assign and track tasks, escalate them when deadlines are missed, and report on them when management’s attention is required to make sure things get done as planned.
But, more importantly, CommandHound closes the loop by letting everybody know that task completion performance at the individual, team, and process level is being tracked to continuously improve things. Integrating this information into the team’s performance review process closes the accountability loop.
Tieing Individual and Team Performance to a Recognition System Drives Business Performance 

Accountability in the Workplace

Would you like to learn more about how driving accountability in the workplace can significantly improve your business’ performance?


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