A Foundation Framework to Truly Drive Accountability in the Workplace

We know that a culture of accountability in the workplace is driven from the top. If leaders fail to do what they say they are going to do, a culture of complacency develops. However, even when this is done, a basic Foundation Framework needs to be in place for accountability to take hold.

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Develop a Foundation Framework To Support A Culture of Accountability

The Foundation Framework

A basic Foundation Framework that includes the following 5 components is required if a culture of accountability is to be developed at work:

1. Strategy and Goals

A well defined and effectively communicated strategy and business goals is critical. This helps everybody understand where things are going and the role they can play in the overall success of the business. Without it, the ship will be floundering and unable to effectively focus its resources in the right direction.

2. Governance and Organization

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Strong and clear governance and organizational structures are also critical if a culture of accountability is to take hold. Clearly understanding who is responsible for what, how things escalate when needed, and who will ultimately be held accountable for what is key.

3. Expectations Frameworks

Having a well-defined set of expectations and goals for everybody in the organization will help each individual understand what is being measured and how to be successful.

4. Compensation and Incentives

Well-defined compensation and incentive models that are directly tied to expectations and performance will help close the loop to drive a culture of accountability.

5. Accountability Tracking

An ongoing accountability tracking process that ties milestone completion performance at the individual and team levels to compensation and reward systems will help drive a sense of true accountability throughout the business.

One More Thing

Once this Foundation Framework and the 5 key components outlined above are in place and communicated, then leaders must follow through. They must do what they say they are going to do. They must lead-by-example. They must enforce the rules, policies, and procedures they have communicated and hold themselves accountable for the same.
Failure for senior management to lead by example will derail the entire effort of developing a culture of accountability.

Accountability Tool

Using a tool like CommandHound, which has been built from the ground up to drive accountability in the workplace, will not only help track what needs to be done but it will track milestone completion performance at the individual and the team levels to be able to connect to compensation and reward systems.
Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.44.06 AM.pngCommandHound Drives Accountability to Make Sure Things Get Done
As a task management application, CommandHound also assigns tasks and milestones, defines due dates and escalation paths for when things fail to get done as planned, and provides management dashboards to manage by exception at a glance.

Next Steps

Would you like to learn more about how CommandHound can help you develop your Foundation Framework to begin the development of a culture of accountability in your business?

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